Bro, Why You Running

Interactions with police officers are the source of some of my best stories. People will say thing to get out of a going to jail from claims of chest pain to faking seizures. The one sure fire way to go to jail is to run from the police.

It’s about 9pm and the officer brings in a guy bleeding from the mouth and nose and complaining of chest pain.  The officer was riding by and smelled weed  as he passed by a store. The officer of course stopped and told the 2 guys standing outside to put the weed out and left. About 20 to 30 minutes later he came back and they where still outside smoking weed. Well, they had a warning so he decided to go and talk to them in person.

The officer gets out of his car and starts walking towards the guys and one takes off running. Come on man, we all know that’s a bad idea. Do you not watch the news? This only ends in 1 of 3 ways: 1) the officer chases and tackles you, 2) the officer taser you and you flopped like a fish with 1,000 volts in your body or 3) he just shoots you and saves a trip to jail and tax payers $30,000/yr. I know the last one sounded heartless but just giving facts. Either way its just bad business to run so why even do it. The officer is not in the chasing mood so he tasers the guy. The gentleman immediately falls face first into asphalt.

He unfortunately was running with his mouth open and his teeth got stuck in the asphalt. I had him rinse his mouth out and all the upper teeth that show when you smile where missing. The officer showed me the missing teeth that were all recently capped in gold. Well, guess that’s a few thousand dollars wasted but his misery was not over.

The officer checked his pockets and found 10 rocks of crack and 15 bags of weed. Well that sounds like few years in jail to me. We are our own worst enemy. The guy could have just put the weed out to begin with. We cleaned him up and sent him to another hospital to have surgery for the broken jaw he suffered from the fall. I don’t expect he will be running from the cops anytime soon.

Have you ever lied to avoid jail or get out of a ticket? Do you have any funny stories about the police bringing in patients? Please share those and any other healthcare related stories.


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