Surprise, Surprise

A17 year old girl with her aunt signs in with a complaint of abdominal pain. They put her on my side, a quick in and out I figured. Whats the first thing I ask her? Well of course its are you pregnant? “Oh, no I don’t think so my period just a little late,” she states. “Well did you check,” I ask and of course she didn’t. So I go down to lab because as always somehow we just ran out of urine pregnancy test kits and who ever used the last one never seems to be nice enough to get lab to send more. After a few minutes I come back to send her to go pee and I’m off to have fun with some other patients.

I come back in and she has gone and I test the urine. Of course I comes back positive and you know what that means. You do the crime so you do the time. We have a few good laughs and I go tell the PA (physician assistant) the news. Of course the easy way out is to say hey problems solved and send her home but nothing is ever that simple. He orders some blood work to see how far along she is. About an hour later the Beta HCG Quantitive come back and its super elevated. Well for just one missed period it was way too high. Why do people lie? She knows good and well she missed her period more that one week. Well doctor order a transvaginal ultra sound and radiology gets paged to come in.

Takes an hour or so to get that done and the tech pulls me to the side right afterward. “Hey, did she already know she was pregnant?” “No,” I state, “she claims she had no idea.” “Well she is about 25 weeks bro and there is very little fluid in there with the baby.”Well this short ER stay just turned into a circus. I run and grab the PA and gets a female nurse to assist him in “checking her” which just means doing a vaginal exam. He puts on sterile gloves and covers his fingers in lubricant and checks the position of the baby.  He does the check and she is about 4-5 cm dilated.

I run down and have the secretary call the on call OB/GYN physician because we don’t have that department in this hospital. No OB/GYN floor means we will have to wing this if the baby pops out but hopefully that will not happen. The sister hospital which is 10 minutes down the road does deliver babies so we called them and they sent over their OB NP ( nurse practitioner).

Once the NP she checked her not much had changed but tells us to move the patient to another room that’s already has supplies for emergency delivery and a baby warmer. About this time the patient mother storms in threatening to sue us if the baby dies or we mess anything up. Then she rants demanding to know if we had her daughter sign any papers in regards to the baby or the delivery.

Hold up, this child been here 4 and half hours and now you want to show up and try to act a fool, not on my watch. Plus, she when it comes to having a baby she is the parent of that child she can make her own decisions. Instead of making her feel like the bad parent she is, I decided to answer her questions.After I answer I questions she calms down and I have one of my own for her mom. “So how many kids do you have?” I ask. “Oh I have six kids and that one in that bed is my oldest.” Well I’m not an expert guesser but mom appears to be in her mid 30s at the latest so she started having kids early too it seems. Seems like daughter is going to have a bunch of kids like her mom cause she starting off early too.

While I’m talking to her mom the girl is playing on her cellphone as she has been the whole time and mom states yelling at her to pay attention. Of course they start arguing so I make the mom stay in the room to keep from potentially causing any more stress and making the baby come any soon and I finish moving the girl to the next room. The OB/GYN physician arrives and rechecked her and decided to just transfer the baby to the sister hospital to deliver there.

We call the transport team and I ride with the doctor over there and I bring my fresh shrimp egg rolls to eat on the way cause I a nurse not a robot so I have to eat sometime and what better than in the back of the ambulance with one patient. The ride is uneventfully and the whole delivery teams meets us at the door. A few minutes later we load up and by the time we are in a truck, a helicopter is lading to pick up the premature baby to go to the NICU (neonatal ICU) at a larger hospital. To top the day off we stopped and went through the Wendy’s drive though in the EMS truck and got Frosties. We got stuck waiting cause I ordered a burger too and you know they had to go out back and kill a cow to make it fresh for me. By the time they dropped me off it was time for me to get off work and head home to my warm bed and wife.

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