The Perfect Shot

A young man came hobbling in and I brought him straight back to sit down so I can get his vitals. “No, I prefer to stand,” no problem suit yourself was my mind thought. So I let him stand while I sat to triage. “So why don’t you want to sit,” I asked him. “Oh, I burned by leg tonight playing pool. Well that qualifies as a good ER visit for sure.

I finished his vital signs and had him lay down on the bed. I asked him to take his pants off but he started screaming in pain. “I cannot, I cannot it hurts too much I need pain medicine, ” he states. I never had a major burn but I’m sure it hurts so I let him relaxed for the moment to await the doctors arrival to order meds.

The doctor came in and ordered 2 mg of Dilaudid and Zofran 4 mg. I already had put an IV in him as soon as I got him back to the room so I gave him his meds and immediately after he felt better and let me get his pants off. They were blue jeans and had a nice chard look on the back but from the front they look perfectly fine. I grabbed my scissors and started cutting and he was burned on both legs from his calves up to his buttocks.

After I got him off I did my usual questioning because injuries tend to be the same but the stories behind them are whats most interesting. “So, how did you do this,” I asked. Well see what had happened was. Funny how every good story starts with that.

“I was hanging out at my friend’s house tonight drinking and we decided to shoot some pool. I won the first game and he got the next rack so we decided to go for one more as the tie breaker. I was down but caught up and on the last ball I needed to get a good angle. So in the corner where I was at  I was leaning over to get a good shot and I leaned to far and fell against the space heater in the corner and my pants caught on fire.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and I asked, ” did you make the shot though?” He laughed, “yea I did make the shot but looking back it was not worth the pain I am in now.” I used Normal Saline to wash his legs off and then assessed the damage. I ended up not being too bad mostly Level 2 burns and some Level 1 but no Level 3 areas so he was pretty fortunate. I applied Silvadene Cream to the burns and non stick 4x4s over the area and wrapped it with Kerlex and made it all nice and pretty. I put him in the wheelchair and sent him home to his friends not too much worse for the wear all things considered.

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