Where’s My Free Ride

I am sitting in triage and a taxi cab pulls up and drops off a young lady. She get out and walks in arms extra red and scratching all over. “Where do I sign in at,” she asks and I send her over to registration. She comes over afterwards and tells me her sob story about how whatever medication she was given here made her itch. The rational person if they know something is causing a problem would stop taking the medication but no she just kept on taking them and itching all day.

I do feel a little sorry for her because she is allergic to Benadryl so not much she can take over the counter to stop the itching. I send her on back and my next patient is via ambulance from the RV park. She is from Canada and has leg pain from driving all day and wants to get cleared for blood clots. Simple enough, nice quick triage and I’m back to my usual Netflix and chill mode.

About hour and half later the allergic reaction woman gets discharged, “I need a voucher for a taxi ride home.” “I am sorry madam but we do not provide rides home any more. Is there anyone that can come and pick you up otherwise you have to pay for your own taxi back,” I tell her. Well She gets all red in the face and starts yelling, “What do you mean you don’t give those out anymore? It is too late for me to call someone to pick me up and  I don’t have the money for a ride home.” “I am sorry madam the only thing I can do give you a bus voucher but the bus does not comes until 6 AM, so you have to wait in the lobby until then,” I tell her. “This is not right. The hospital should pay for my ride home and I want it in a taxi not a stupid bus,” she states.

This is not Burger King you cannot have it your way. Your getting a free ride what does it matter how or when its free. Beggars cannot be choosy. When did it become our job to give her a free ride home anyways? So I offer her the bus pass again and she refuses and demands to see the hospital administrator. The nursing supervisor comes down and tell her the same thing and has security walk her out because she refuses to leave. She stomps out huffing and puffing and starts walking the five miles to her house.

About an hour later the lady with the leg pain comes out all nice and happy. She tries to order a Uber to get back to her RV but there are non active at midnight in this little town. Registration calls the taxi company but the RV is by the interstate and they refuse to go that far out of their area until 7AM. Well that’s stupid but it is what it is. She even offers several people getting discharged money to take her back but they are all going the opposite way. Well she decides she will just have to wait till morning to get back to the RV and gets comfortable as possible in the waiting room.

I get off a midnight and after listening to her try her best to get her own ride home I offer to take her and she gladly accepts. We had quite a pleasant little trip together and she offers me money but I refuse because it was on my way and she put forth the effort to get home but just couldn’t. We always reward the efforts put forth by patients in the hospital but most people feel we owe it to them to give them what they want. New flash we do not but if you put for effort we may just go out of our way to help you.

Whats do people always ask you for at your job or at school? Let me know in the comments bellow.

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